We FOOTCARE COMPONENTS (FCC) introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of moulded insoles and supplier of finished leather . FCC is based in Agra(India) and was incorporated in the year 2002 under the leadership of Mr Deepak Kundra. We at FCC specialize in producing moulded insoles within our state of art facility which has a production capacity of eight thousand to ten thousand pairs per day.

We are leading suppliers of finest finished leather in the region and we have tie-ups with leading tanners of India, Argentina, Italy, China & Thailand. Footcare Components nature focuses solely on leather products that are made from vegetable tanned and chrom tanned leather.We at FCC pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards backed by our vast market experience and provide the most competitive price with on time delivery. Transparency and fairness are our top priority at Footcare Components. Thanks to our team and our patrons, they stood with us in good and bad times.


  • Thickness : 3.5 mm to 4mm
    Primary Use : Out Sole , Veneer , Welts

  • Quality : HML Thickness
    Thickness : 2mm-3mm, 5mm- 6mm, 9mm-10 mm

  • In house Moulded Insole Plant With All Upgraded Technologies and Machineries
    Material Used :
    Cellulous Board . Antint Static Bored in Lather
    For : Gents, Ladies and Kids

  • Primary Use : Fashionable Use & Inner Lining
    Thickness : .6mm To .8mm

  • Thickness : 6mm to .8 mm
    Primary Use : For Shoe Lining
    Availability : Never Out Of Stock

  • Thickness : 3mm To 5mm
    Primary Use : Out Sole , Veneer , Welts

  • Thickness : .6mm To .8mm
    Primary Use : Purse/wallet and shoe Lining
    Availability : Never out of Stock

  • Thickness : 1.4mm To 1.6mm
    Primary Use : Upper Use
    Availability : Never out of Stock

  • Thickness : 1.5 mm to 6mm
    Primary Use : Out Sole, Mid Sole & Inner Sole

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